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We the Beloved

By: Jeremiah Aja

Jeremiah is a friend of Society Church and the Director of Forge Sacramento. Here is some information about what Forge Sacramento is about:

Forge Sacramento trains men and women to live as missionaries in their neighborhoods. We are bent on empowering ordinary people to join in the extraordinary mission of God right where they live.  By partnering with local churches here in Sacramento, universities and seminaries, we are aim to take those oh so cryptic words of Jesus seriously and literally, when He says “Love your…neighbor.”

The main vehicle for missionary training is a 9-month residency (think internship). There is no quitting school/work or moving to an unfamiliar place for the time of the residency. Your current context will serve as the BEST learning laboratory, crucial for missionary formation.

Although the term we use for participants is “resident,” these men and women will not be living together. Since the purpose of Forge Sacramento is to create missionaries, we encourage the residents to continue relationships with their neighbors, co-workers, and communities. We, also, do not have a dedicated office space where we gather, but utilize homes, coffee shops, restaurants and co-working spaces as meeting spaces.

The Forge Sacramento training helps to mature each participant as a disciple of Jesus Christ through personal relationships, action-reflection learning, and a combination of one-on-one and collaborative learning environments. Find out more information on being a resident.

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