Rhythm Resource Guide

During this disorienting time we have put together a Recommended Rhythm and some additional resources for you as we navigate this global pandemic together:

Society Church Recommended Rhythm:

  • Practice Daily Office- Take time to develop a daily time/times of prayer, scripture and reflection. Morning, noon, evening are all great moments to take 5-15 minutes to refocus. Listen to more teaching on this from our Rhythm Series: Week 1
  • Maintain Family Communication- talk with family members and loved ones openly and with vulnerability about what you are walking through together. Keep open and honest lines of communication with your closest people. Here is a resource from a teaching series called “The Framily Plan” we did in 2014 for how to maintain healthy communication practices in marriage & relationships.
  • Offer Workplace Innovation- Anyone who still has work right now knows that changes, pivots, adjustments are happening daily. Stay flexible, support one another and be open to creative and innovative ideas of how to serve people well. Maybe you do not have work right now in which case the encouragement is to find an avenue of good to spend your time investing in.
  • Take a Weekly Sabbath- Take a 24 hour period to stop and rest with God. Work out, eat well, work on a project or hobby, spend intentional time connecting with loved ones, spend an extended time with God. Listen to more teaching on this from our Rhythm Series: Week 2
  • Connect through Online Community- Positive Interaction is key to our mental and emotional health especially during this time. This is why we are offering many different avenues for you to connect in community safely online. Sunday Service on Facebook Live, Community Groups on Zoom, Intermittent Classes, Zoom Meetings & Meet Ups, Social Media, E newsletter. Here are the links and resources you need to know, CLICK HERE

Additional Recommended Resources:

Resources for Developing a “Daily Office”:


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