SOCIETY YOUTH: Where Youth, Faith and Fun meet

The Hope– To provide a community for 6th-12th graders (Youth) to connect, serve, have fun, learn about Jesus and talk openly about their lives, faith, doubts, and fears. Above all, we want to provide a space for students to grow in their faith!

– Sunday Gatherings

We meet every Sunday Night IN PERSON at 6pm! Our Youth is going through the Alpha series for Youth, and the location on where we gather varies each week. This series is so important and tackles the crucial questions Youth are thinking about! We can’t wait to see you there!!

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Society Youth is led by our Director Maddie Mikulin and our awesome team of Volunteers. She has a heart for serving 6th-12th graders, and developing with our students how to be a living example of our loving God in Sacramento. You can find out more about Maddie HERE.

More Upcoming things for Society Youth:

Society Youth Winter Camp 2021: For What Purpose

We are hosting our first ever Society Youth Winter Camp!

When: December 26th-29th
Who: 6th – 12th Graders
Where: Camp Alta

Join us for three days of games, community, and exploring faith together!

The theme for Winter Camp 2021 is “For What Purpose” – Where we will be exploring one of the most common questions teens face today is: “What is my Purpose in Life?”

We are so excited to dive deeper into how our students can apply this to their lives today and are expectant of what God is going to reveal during our time together!

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