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The Great Commission: Breaking Through the Immanent Frame with the Transcendent Authority of Jesus

This week, we are continuing our newest teaching series, The Great Commission. In this series, we have been looking at the important commandment that Jesus gave to his followers: go and make disciples. We will learn what it means to be a living expression of our loving God for Sacramento and to the ends of the earth. Listen or watch with us below.

Alpha – 21 Day Prayer Challenge

Through this series, The Great Commission, we wish to not only learn about this great commandment but to put it into practice too. On Sept. 21st we are launching our Alpha Course. Our hope is to see 50 people at Alpha who are curious about faith. Our ask is that you join us in our 21-Day Prayer Campaign. Here is how you can participate:

  1. Write down the names of three people you would like to explore faith. (Prayer card available at our Connect Corner or online HERE)

  2.  Set an alarm for 11:02 as a reminder to pray for your three people and for your city for the next 21 days.

  3. Be open and expectant to see how God might use you. 

We are excited for this Fall and are eager to see what God will do at Alpha. You can learn more about Alpha below through the button.

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