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The Great Commission: Becoming a Missionary People

This week, we began our newest teaching series called The Great Commission. This series will look at the important commandment that Jesus gave to his followers: go and make disciples. We will learn what it means to be a living expression of our loving God for Sacramento and to the ends of the earth. Listen or watch with us.

Interested in learning more about Becoming a Missionary People?

Consider getting involved with Alpha this Fall. On Sept. 21st, we are hosting an Alpha Course. Our goal is to host 50 people for this course. Alpha is a space for non-believers to come and explore faith and ask meaningful questions in a relaxed and non-judgemental environment. Each week we will gather for dinner, break into the Alpha Course content, and share + discuss the content together.

You can participate by volunteering or by partnering with us financially.

Learn More About Alpha


In addition to getting involved in Alpha, here are some other resources that Pastor Tim mentioned in his teaching. Feel free to check them out:

How to Reach the West Again – Tim Keller, The Decline and Renewal of the American Church – Tim Keller, The Mission of God – Christopher Wright (Academic 800 pg read), Every Good Endeavor – Tim Keller, Garden City – John Mark Comer and Eternity is Now– John Ortberg.

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