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Advent Devotional – Week 2

Today is the 2nd week of Advent. Advent is a time set aside for us to turn toward reflective preparation, sacred anticipation, and a faith-stirring season rooted in the story of Jesus’ birth.

This week’s advent readings are Isaiah 9:2, Luke 1:31-33, and 2 Corinthians 8:9.

Thoughts to consider this week:

+ Jesus enters into the story of humanity as Emmanuel, “God is with us”. A sign of hope, light coming into the darkness. As you think back over this year, how has God been revealed to you in your own life and story as light shining into darkness? Recount or journal your experience. 

+ How might God be inviting you to be a carrier of his light to those around you, especially right now?

+ Consider spending some time reflecting and praying about how you might want God to move more deeply in your life as a source of provision. Jot those ideas or longings down, and bring those to God in prayer with trusting faith.

We invite you to linger a little longer in this posture of reflection. We encourage you to set a timer for 2 minutes to sit in stillness & silence. Giving your mind and heart a moment to reflect on the prayer, questions, and scripture we just read.

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