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“Stay Sharp” is our new teaching series starting in January 2016. It is all about discovering faith practices that bring strength, focus and energy to our everyday life.

There is a story about two lumberjacks that needed to cut down trees before the winter to build a new home for their family. One worked day and night for three months, never taking a break, never stopping, never resting. He finally finished three months later exhausted, worn out and tired. The other lumberjack rested and took time to sharpen his axe before work, each day. He also asked for help from friends and family and built a team of support around him. He finished in a month, rested and strong.

The faith practices we will be exploring together are meant to “sharpen our axe” and make our lives strong, focused and full of energy so that we can live life to its fullest in 2016!

We will be starting 21 days of prayer and fasting starting on January 12th. We will be handing out devotional guides on Sunday, January 10th. You can download a digital version by clicking HERE


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