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In this all-new teaching series, “Square One” we will be exploring how to grow in our faith and take greater ownership of our spiritual formation. Every Sunday from Jan 7th- Feb 4th we will be discussing various ways to grow in and own our faith journeys.

Here are some helpful Square One Resources we have put together for you:

Discipleship Journey Map-

Find your area of strength when it comes to Discipleship Practices and ways you can grow in the coming year. Download our Discipleship Journey Map HERE.

Bible Reading Plans-

Find a reading plan that works best for you. They are all free, digital and user-friendly. We have a group reading plan that you can read through with a group from Society Church as well! Check out our RECOMMENDED PLANS.

Fasting & Prayer Resources-

We encourage you to engage in some form of fasting and prayer in January of 2018. Here is an INFORMATIVE LINK and HELPFUL GUIDE to get you started.

Community Groups-

Being a part of a community of people pursuing to live out the ways of Jesus in their everyday lives is irreplaceable when it comes to spiritual growth and formation. Sign up for a group today CLICK HERE to view the locations and times.

Recommended Reading-

For those that have the time and interest to dive deeper here is a list of recommended reading for you:

We are praying for this season to be filled with growth, formation, and passion as we pursue life with God, together!

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