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As we kick off the month of April, we are setting out on a big goal for generosity during this time! 

Our goal is to raise an additional $15,000 over and above our regular monthly giving this Spring for our Compassion Fund. This is in anticipation of what the rest of this year holds. We want to set aside money now so that our Compassion Partners have consistent support from Society Church through the end of 2020!

What is the Compassion Fund? It is a fund we set aside money for every month to support Global, Local non profits and in house benevolence needs.

Global Compassion- $3000 or 20% of what is raised will go towards ARC Churches & Medical Teams International.

  • Medical Teams International serves the medical needs of some of the most vulnerable people groups around the world.
  • ARC Churches is our church planting network that is doing an incredible job at supporting and resourcing churches around the world during this critical moment. 

Local Compassion- $7500 or 50% of what is raised to cover ongoing support for local compassion partners serving the most vulnerable people groups in our city. The Greenhouse Community Center, World Relief, River City Food Bank, & 2 missionary families currently serving in New York City & The Bay Area.

Community Benevolence Fund- $4500 or 30% of what is raised to cover Benevolence Needs. Already have $7000 in that fund, we have redistributed just about $1500 of that this year to specific needs in our community. The extra $4500 will allow us to have $10,000 designated for this year to serve needs in our church congregation and community as things arise.

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