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This week at Society we hear from Tim Coburn in our current series called One. One is a series centered around discovering how to live in a more loving union with God.

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Community Group Leaders Guide

Section 1- Ice Breaker:

Ask a fun or interesting question to help people to loosen up and share. It will be helpful if someone is new to go around and do names and have each person share about a question and share a bit about themselves.

Section 2- Review Message Content from Sunday

This portion is for your reference, no need to go through as a group, unless its necessary. The hope is that people are coming on Sunday and/or listening to the podcast before they come to group. If you need to do a review feel free to do so, otherwise start with section 3 and work through the Learning Circle together.

Message Title: One Way

John 14:1-11, John 14:15-21- Scripture Link- CLICK HERE

Refer to the Inner, Other & Outer Life Map as needed:

Lattice for spiritual growth & maturity. Scripture as faith trails guiding us towards spiritual growth. One of many examples found in 2 Peter 1:3-9:

Scripture Link- CLICK HERE

  • Supplement your faith- in order to supplement faith you first need it- Faith- Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. (Heb 11:1) it all starts with a trusting surrender to God. Learning to hear and practice the ways of God. Gearing up for the trail and getting to the trailhead. Tilling the soil and planting the seed.
  • A generous provision of moral excellence- Goodness– allowing our faithful participation to impact who we are becoming. Allowing our faith to begin to form our character, our values, our choices, our attitude, words, and everyday living. Learning to be with God in our Inner, Other & Outer life.

The majority of people never move beyond this point. A little bit of participation and a little bit of application.

  • Knowledge- Learning and growing in our knowledge and understanding of who God is, is necessary, but not the beginning or ending point of faith and spiritual growth. Faith comes from hearing and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10:17) Knowledge and Understanding provides greater clarity and confidence in what God is up to in our life

This is where Cultural Christians, in our information age or Consumer Christians those fixated on the consumption of spiritual goods and services typically check out.

  • Self Control- Time management, financial budget, stewardship of gifts & abilities in our work, and learning to embrace limits. This affects our diet, sexuality, and addictions (substance abuse, workaholism, codependency, insecurities, people pleasing). This addresses the vices that can define us. Addresses our appetites and identity. 
  • Patient Endurance (Faithfulness)- When you have learned to say no, you at the same time are learning to say yes. In self control we are creating capacity to do hard things that matter deeply to you and the world around you. This means we learn that everything good has a messy middle to lean into and walk through even when its not beautiful, exciting, and fun.
  • Godliness (Righteousness)- Being a living example and representative of Christ in our world. We are beginning to learn to integrate our life inward towards our identity in Christ as the Beloved. Actively living into a greater expression of an integrated faith into our daily life.

This is where many self righteous Christians check out. Thinking I am a better human than the majority of people. So I will hang out here and judge those around me from this lofty place of godliness. This will quickly degrade our ability to serve, love and reach the world around us in a meaningful way.

  • Love- Brotherly Kindness- Deeply caring for others as brothers and sisters. Being a communal example of Christ with others in our world. Centers on a holistic view of inner life and others life. (Loving our neighbor as ourself). This is where a powerful reorientation of family happens.
  • Love- Agape- Loving even your enemies, your self, strangers and the least of these. (The chief end and ethic of the outworking of our faith)- This is not shallow, this is the deepest and most mature expression of our faith. Fully integrating our faith into every area of our life. This is the WAY, the one way of Jesus. This is the WAY to the father, the WAY to experience a spiritual life through the Holy Spirit. This is life in the love of God, as God’s Beloved.

Section 3- Work Through the Learning Circle:

Take time to work through the Learning Circle together through the questions listed below.


Work through the learning side of the learning circle together.

  • (Observation & Discussion) Read the main story and/or passage from the message (links referenced above)
  • (Observation & Discussion) What where the main points talked about on Sunday? 
  • (Reflection & Discussion) What stuck out to you as meaningful and important from the message on Sunday? Where would you say you are at in the growth lattice from 2 Peter 1?
  • (Reflection & Discussion) How might this be God speaking to your life?


Work through the living side of the learning circle together

  • Planning- What is God asking of us? How might we take a next step towards God?
  • Responsibility- What is my part in living this out? 
  • Action Step- What am I going to do next? What is the next step for you, be as specific as possible.

Section 4- Prayer and/or Meditation:

Try one of these options, don’t be afraid to mix it up.

  • Share requests and pray for one another.
  • Inner, Other & Outer life prayer needs
  • Meditation with silence and stillness- A word or phrase to focus your group. A time of silence and stillness, set a timer for 5 minutes if you want.

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