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Missional living is an intentional way of publicly expressing our faith in our community. Here are three ideas that bring clarity to what missional living looks like:

  • In the normal rhythms of life pursuing to meet and engage new people

  • Prayerfully watching and listening to the Holy Spirit to discern where God is working.

  • Looking to boldly, humbly, and contextually proclaim the Gospel in word and deed.

Here are 25 ideas about how to intentionally live on mission in our city. 

1. Make some food for a neighbor you know would appreciate it and take it to them.

3. Start a compost pile and allow neighbors to dump their compost

4. Host a coffee and dessert night and invite an intentional group of people to join

5. Organize and host a ladies craft night

6. Organize an effort for neighbors to help take care of elderly in neighborhood

7. Become a regular at your neighborhood pool/park. Remember the names of the people you meet.

8. If you have a skill, let neighbors know that you can use it to help them for free

9. Host a movie night with some hang time afterwards

10. Start a walking/running group in the neighborhood

11. Start hosting a play date weekly for other stay at home parents

12. Organize a carpool for your neighborhood to help save gas

13. Intentionally learn names of people in your neighborhood and begin to pray for them

14. Have a front yard ice cream party in the summer

15. Start a sewing group

16. Have a child in preschool? Form a preschool playdate in the park and invite the parents and kids. Provide some snacks and a game.

17. Throw a block party

18. Start a neighborhood Facebook/Twitter/Google + group

19. Ask longtime residents to help you learn about the neighborhood

20. Offer to babysit neighbors kids so they can have a date night

21. Find out your neighbors birthdays and take them a card and baked goods on it

22. Setup a meet your neighbors night with drinks in your driveway/front yard

23. Find a specific community need and organize a group to meet that need (trash clean up, graffiti removal, leaf pick up)

24. Host a regular Saturday morning breakfast potluck (have people bring cereal, fruit, milk, coffee, ect)

25. Host a sports game watching party, or music listening party.

Plan a date sometime in April to do one of these intentional missional efforts invite a friend from church to help you.

Remember the intention is to forge new relationships and to prayerfully discern where God is working and moving and then to boldly, humbly, and contextually bridge the gap between them and God. Maybe that is inviting them to church, to a community group or maybe it’s a simple conversation about where they are at with God.

Have any ideas about how to intentionally live on mission? Share them below. 

After you have taken a missional step, let us know how it went below. 


Parts of this post where taken from a blog posted by Josh Reeves, thanks for the insight Josh!

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