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This week, here at Society, we began a new series were we will explore one of the most important questions you can ask, “What is love?”

Community Group Questions:

Getting to know you:

Pick something out of your pocket or purse and share why it is important to you.

Getting Started:

  1. Read 1 Timothy 5:1-8.
  2. How would you describe your relationships between you and the different members of your family?
  3. Read Ephesians 5:21-33.
  4. What do you think about comparing the relationship between Jesus and the church with the relationship between spouses? How does your relationship with your spouse / significant other compare to that? If single, how do you imagine that relationship would compare?

Application Questions:

  1. Go over the discipleship journey map.quad
  2. Where would you put yourself on the discipleship map?
  3. If love is centered in self care, what are some practices you are either currently doing or could do to help? (look to the opposite quadrant, like personal good works -> communal transformation, for ideas)

Share prayer requests and pray together as a group.

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