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As we begin the Christmas Season in Sacramento we have lots of hopeful anticipation for our church and city to thrive, develop and grow in 2015! We love our city and desire to be a part of keeping Sacramento creative, innovative, a little weird, unconventional and local.

As big developers with big money begin to move into Sacramento to develop and cash in on this cities potential and growth, we recognize the need to keep and maintain the creative quirkiness that makes Sacramento great! Part of that means helping others value and understand the importance of unconventional, creative and innovative people, people who don’t just follow trends but help to create them.

The story of the birth of Jesus is a strange one from:
the virgin birth,
God taking on flesh,
the King of the Universe being first introduced to destitute and despised shepherds,
to this Christ Child being welcomed to his world with strange gifts, by cultural foreigners, from a distant land,
and lastly this God Baby being born in a manger meant for service animals.

A strange story indeed and an even stranger way for God to introduce himself to this world. Have you ever stopped to wonder and ask yourself why? Why is this story so strange, so unconventional and weird?

We will be exploring this unconventional story together and be looking at how this birth story of Christ is meant to help form and shape an unconventional faith and distinctive living. How this strange story is meant to form us into a distinctive community of people. A people not afraid to be different, stand out, and embrace the weird, unconventional and innovative side to life, faith and community.

Here are some dates and details about this series and our worship gatherings:

  • An Unconventional Story: God in a Scandal- Luke 1:31-38

Sunday, December 7th @ 9am & 10:30am: Communion Sunday. The Society Kids Choir will begin practice for Christmas performances during their class time. If your kids want to participate be sure to pick up an information sheet at church over the next few weeks.

  • An Unconventional Story: God in a Field-  Luke 2:8-15

Sunday, December 14th @ 9am & 10:30am: The Society Kids Choir will continue practice for Christmas performances during their class time.

  • An Unconventional Story: God in a Gift – Matthew 2:1-12

Sunday, December 21st @ 9am & 10:30am: Christmas Celebration Service for our community and families. Our Society Kids Choir will be performing one of their songs at the 10:30am worship gathering. Plus we will be receiving our Christmas Offering, for more information visit HERE

  • An Unconventional Story: God in a Manger- Luke 2:6-7

Wednesday, December 24th @ 5pm | Christmas Eve Service- For more details and information about this special Christmas Eve Gathering visit HERE

We hope you will join us at 9am or 10:30am at Beatnik Studios 

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