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Junk Food. Soap. The Letter A.

This Sunday our Pastoral Resident, David, spoke here at Society Church about Leviticus and how a few passages about cleanliness while eating might change the way we see the practices we engage with in our faith.


Community Group Questions:

Getting to know you:

What was the most interesting class you have ever taken?

Getting Started:

  1. Read Matthew 15:10-20.
  2. Why might Jesus’s response seem surprising to the Pharisees’s question?
  3. Read Matthew 7:15-20.
  4. How does this passage connect to the previous passage?

Application Questions:

  1. How much time do you spend thinking about why you do the things you do?
  2. Are there practices that at one point you did more out of a sense of obligation or duty rather than as something that was from an overflow of what was occurring within you?
  3. Is it easier or harder for you to be honest with God about where you are at in your faith? Why do you think that is?

Share prayer requests and pray together as a group.

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