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It is Society‘s 5th Year Anniversary as a faith community. This Anniversary Sunday, we will be looking forward to the future, and casting out a vision for this year to come. We believe that God is unlocking a Home Base mentality for our community & city through Society Church.


Community Group Questions:

Getting to know you:

If you could live in any fictitious place, where would you live?

Getting Started:

  1. Read / skim over the parable of the lost son (Luke 15:11-32).
  2. What are the differences and similarities between the two sons?
  3. What does the responses to his two sons say about the father in the parable?

Application Questions:

  1. Can you relate to either of the two sons?
  2. What does the idea of ‘coming home’ mean to you in the context of the church?
  3. Over the course of Tim’s message, he mentioned many different things that may get in the way of us ‘coming home’. Are you currently facing any of them?
  4. What might it mean for you to take part in Society Church creating Home Base this year?

Share prayer requests and pray together as a group.

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