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This week at Society we continued our new series called “Here to Stay” which is a sermon series focused around producing a richer spiritual life and growth where we are planted.

Community Group Questions

Getting to Know You:

  • What is your favorite or least favorite type of weather?
  • What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Getting Started:

  • Can you think of a time when you have responded or reacted to a situation and you realized after the fact that your heart probably wasn’t in the right place? Open up and share about a time this happened to you.
  • What do you think “soil” is referring to in the message?

Soil Killer #1- Comparison

Read John 21:15-22

  • What do you think is happening here?
  • Why do you think Peter gets caught up in comparison with John?
  • How has comparison distracted you in life, work or relationships?
  • What are some practices that have helped you to stay focussed on your own journey?
  • Who are some people you might need to grow in your gratitude and appreciation for?

Soil Killer #2- Competition

Read Mark 10:35-45

  • What are clues that lead us to the idea that James and John are caught up with competition?
  • How does Jesus respond to their request?
  • How do the other disciples respond to James & John’s request?
  • What are some ways that unhealthy competition might destroy what God is wanting to do in our life?
  • How does competition affect friendship, community, church and family?
  • On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your “serve” (ability to show up as a humble, loving servant instead of a self important ruler)?
  • What are some ways you might be able to grow your servants heart? (Application Idea- practice your “serve” at church)

Soil Killer #3- Checking Out

Read Matthew 14:13-21

  • Why do you think Jesus tells his disciples “you feed them”?
  • Have you ever checked out of a situation, project or friendship? What tends to cause you to check out?
  • How are you able to identify the moments when it’s time to check in and re-engage?
  • How have you seen God work in your life when you have been “checked into” what God is doing?
  • What are some situations, relationships or opportunities you might sense God inviting you to re-engage in?

Soil Killer #4- Lack of Character

Read John 12:1-7

  • Was Judas leading a double life?
  • How did that show up in his life?
  • How did this affect his relationships?
  • What does it mean to live with integrity? Integrity definition: consistency of character regardless of people and situations.
  • What are some ways we can develop our character?
  • How might vulnerability play a part in character development?

Close with a time of prayer together. Ideas for prayer time:

  • Check in with your group about previous prayer requests and share some updates.
  • Spend a 3 minute time of silence and reflection about how God is speaking to you through this message and community group session.
  • Have someone open and someone close in prayer and leave space in the middle for anyone to pray for what is on their heart.

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