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As we kick off the New Year here at Society Church, we are seeking to re-align our hearts around the principles, priorities, pursuits and purposes of God. In this new teaching series, “First Things First”, we will be looking at some practical ways for how we can put God first in our lives and the benefits we experience as we do this. It has been said that “the quickest cure for our disorders is a healthy dose of intentional order”.

Community Group Questions:

Getting to know you:

Have you ever waited a long time for something? How did you feel when you no longer had to wait?

Getting Started:

Read Matthew 25:1-13. Discuss any questions people might have about the passage of scripture.

Introduction to the Bible:

  1. What do you think it means that the kingdom of God is both a present and coming reality?
  2. Read Galatians 5:19-25
  3. How does this passage describe how God’s kingdom comes into our lives here on earth?

Application Questions:

  1. What was the difference between the 5 wise and the 5 foolish virgins in Matthew 25?
  2. Have you ever found yourself in need of wisdom? What did you do to seek out wisdom?
  3. How would you define wisdom?
  4. Read 2 Timothy 3:1-5
  5. What might be some “forms of godliness” in your life, or in our culture?
  6. How can we become “lasting lights” and avoid becoming “shooting stars”?

Share Prayer Requests and pray together as a group

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