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Access Initiative

Every year at Society Church we do some type of year end giving initiative. This year our focus is on giving access to church to as many people we can. This has proven to be more difficult than before because of navigating through Covid-19 and the many implications that has had for Sacramento and our faith community.

We want to make the ministry of Society Church as accessible as possible to our congregation and city. Recognizing through this season the positive impact and presence we can have online, we have invested a lot of resources into equipment to make this happen, this equipment was not budgeted for in 2020, so part of the Access Initiative is helping to pay for those equipment purchases. We are also purchasing equipment so we can switch to a livestream video feed in anticipation for our in person worship gatherings.

This Livestream Video equipment will also allow us to create a Live Feed throughout our facility for our Nursing Moms room and our patio space for those that might be most comfortable worshipping outside.

Another part of our Access Initiative is to pay for an awning in our patio space so we can have space for our Live Feed during the Winter and Summer months. The hope is to provide some relief from the elements year around.

All of this is just around $30,000. Our goal from today through the end of 2020 is to give an extra $30,000 towards this Access Initiative.

We want to provide access to the ministry of Society Church to as many people we can. Here is the invitation today, to begin to pray about what you might want to give towards this and then to give what is in your heart to give before the end of the year. For those that give regularly this would be an offering that would be above and beyond your regular tithes and offering.

This November and December we hope you will join us to create more space and access for people to experience the love of God in Jesus Christ through the ministry of Society Church.
Now more than ever, we can be a living expression of our loving God for the beloved people and city of Sacramento.

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