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Society Church Vision Video,

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  • Society Church says:

    The time has come!

  • Something Great is coming to Sacramento!

  • Andrea Ford says:

    We are so excited to see what God is going to do in Mid-town, what he is already doing for Society Church and the Coburns! We pray blessings and favor for you on this amazing journey! Praise God!

  • Melissa says:

    What an exciting time for Sacramento!!! Blessings and prayers to the Coburns and Society Church! May God bless your mission beyond belief!!!

  • Casey MC says:

    Praying for Society Church and the people in the city. May Sacramento be a holy sacrament.

  • Jimmy Akers says:

    Love the site and video bro! Thankful we got to connect at 2.0. Looking forward to hearing the testimonies of Gods faithfulness at Society Church.

  • Erika Noonan says:

    I have an amazing feeling about Society Church and I am excited to see what God has placed in your hands and how the community is going to receive it! Through your blessings I know you are going to bless so many more, that in and of its self is unstoppable. Congratulations.

  • Marilyn Rigsby says:

    Downtown Sacramento get ready for a revival. Society Church bringing the Love of Jesus to the community. God changes lives, he has certainly changed mine through his Word. Love watching God work through people to reach His children that He unconditionally loves. Society Church blessing the society in downtown Sacramento. Can’t wait.

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