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La Resistance is a new teaching series at Society Church. It is all about learning to overcome the resistance of self, spirit, circumstances, conflict and culture.

Resistance is something we all face when we choose to live for something different than the status quo. When we have a vision to live out something greater than what currently exists, we find forces trying to re-direct and push us back to “the path of least resistance”. The purpose of this series is to equip you to continue the journey, through resistance, into a life of God inspired vision.

The teaching text for this series is from the memoirs (book) of Nehemiah. Here is a look at the series structure:

  • Overcoming the Resistance of Interpersonal Conflict: Nehemiah Chapter 4
  • Overcoming the Resistance of Challenging Circumstances: Nehemiah Chapter 5
  • Overcoming the Resistance of Spiritual Opposition: Nehemiah Chapter 6
  • Overcoming the Resistance of Isolation: Nehemiah Chapter 7
  • Overcoming the Opposition of Self: Nehemiah Chapter 8 & 9
  • Overcoming the Opposition of Culture: Nehemiah Chapter 10

We hope you will be able to join us whether you are just starting to explore faith, have been a person of faith for 50 years or somewhere in between. We believe that this will be a series that inspires, encourages and equips everyone to live out their faith amidst our everyday lives.

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