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  • Diane Rust says:

    I would appreciate your thoughts about Zechariah being silenced when he asked the question, “How shall I know this for I am an old man, and my wife is advanced in years” and Mary saying “How will this be , since I am a virgin?” One was punished and one wasn’t. One was considered unbelief and one wasn’t.

    Thank you.

    • Society Church says:

      Great question! Likely because Zechariah was a priest and serving in the temple as a priest before the Lord at the time of this encounter. He would have been given a greater education in the scriptures, theology and faith than Mary. Mary was a poor, engaged woman. She would have had little to no formal education around the scriptures, theology and faith. That the Angel Gabriel took the time to explain to Mary what was happening shows the loving mercy of God upon the forgotten and overlooked of society. Mary’s response after the explanation was that of acceptance and faith found in Luke 1:38.

      A scriptural principle would be Jesus teaching on the parable of the talents from Matthew 25:28-29. We are called to be faithful with what we have been given from the Lord whether little or much. If we are not faithful with the word, education and resources from the Lord, then God takes away from what we have been given, if we are faithful God adds to what we have been given. A simple seedtime and harvest, reaping and sowing principle that we see throughout the stories and teachings of scripture.

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