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Society Youth

Society Youth

6th grade – 12th grade

We gather every Sunday Night at 6 pm to explore faith + grow in community.

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– Youth Gatherings

We meet every Sunday Night at the church (2711 B Street) at 6 pm. 

Sunday Night Gatherings for Youth look like having a meal together, having a thoughtful discussion about faith + God, creating community, and always having a LOT of fun!

We create space for 6th-12th graders (Youth) to connect, serve, have fun, learn about Jesus and talk openly about their lives, faith, doubts, and fears. Above all, we want to provide a space for students to grow in their faith!

Check out out Youth Group and sign up today to be a part of this conversation! Sign up below. 

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We do fun things! Check out the most recent fun we had at Winter Camp!

Youth Resources

Bringing faith into the home.

Parents, if you are looking for some great resources for your teen, take a look through some of the books and blogs that we think are essential to bringing faith into your home.
Christian Parenting has great resources for any parent looking to engage their teen or pre-teen’s faith. Check out their blog HERE.

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