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Advent Devotional – Week 1

Yesterday marked the first week of Advent. A time set aside for us to turn toward reflective preparation, sacred anticipation, and a faith-stirring season rooted in the story of Jesus’ birth.

This week’s advent readings are Isaiah 1:14, John 1:14, and Psalm 46:10.

Thoughts to consider this week:

+ What am I longing, hoping, or expecting in my life for this season of Advent? Am I open to inviting God into those things?

+ How can I embrace more intentional rhythms of silence and stillness in God’s Presence?

+ Is there a time I have experienced the distinct presence of God in my life? Consider taking a few minutes to offer prayers of gratitude for God’s attentive presence to you.

We invite you to linger a little longer in stillness and silence. Consider setting a timer for 2 minutes, giving your mind and heart a moment to reflect on the prayer, questions, and scripture we just read.

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