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Meet Heather + Jose

Heather and Jose are the Youth Directors at Society Church! They believe that building genuine relationships with the students is the key to creating a safe and welcoming environment at Society YTH. They understand that middle and high school can be challenging years for many young people, so they strive to be a source of support and encouragement. 

During their time together, Heather and Jose engage in meaningful conversations with the students, exploring topics that are relevant to their lives. They encourage open dialogue, allowing the students to express their thoughts, doubts, and questions about faith, life, and the world around them. Through these conversations, they aim to challenge the students’ thinking and help them develop a deeper understanding of their own beliefs.

As students rush in on Sunday nights for YTH, Heather and Jose, along with their amazing team, create an energy that is contagious and there is guaranteed to be non-stop laughter and TONS of wholesome fun!

How long have you been attending Society Church? 

Sean was our Youth Pastor and we have been around ever since the start of Citizens Church. We have loved being at Society over the last 8 months.

What are your favorite things to do? 

Heather: We love to go to Monterey, it’s one of our favorite places. We enjoy taking day trips, especially in off season, like when it’s cold, to find local places that we end up loving.

Jose: I like to golf and Heather likes to read while I golf. I like to take Heather to look at million dollar homes. We love taking day trips.

Do you have any pets? 

We have two dogs! They are named Colin and Finnigan – like Logan’s best friends from Gilmore Girls!

Why do you serve + what’s the best part of Sundays with YTH?

We have always had a heart for Youth, worship, and production but our passion is for Youth! We have always had someone in the church that has been a good example and it’s something that we feel called to do for the next generation.

Heather: I was lucky enough to always have a mentor in my life since I can remember.

Jose: Sean has always been that person in my life. He has inspired me to pursue Youth Ministry.