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Volunteer Spotlight

Rachel + Justin


Meet Rachel + Justin 

Rachel is a Lead Teacher in the Nursery + Justin plays the drums on the worship team.  They both have recently served as Alpha volunteers + always willing to offer a helping hand when they can. Over the last few years, Rachel + Justin have brought joy to the spaces they enter, whether it’s community groups, visiting friends with newborns or hanging out after church watching a 49ers game. Rachel is a key part of the Babes Class + you can find her on a Sunday playing with + reading to babies about Jesus while leading the class! Justin has been a faithful member of the worship team, is fun to be around + known to invest time in others! 

How long have you been attending Society Church?

Rachel: I began attending in 2020 after we got married.

Justin: I have attended Society off and on since 2017. 

Why do you serve?

Rachel: I LOVE children! They bring joy in so many ways! It’s never a dull moment working with them! The Babes Class brings me so much joy. My favorite part is watching the babies grow and reach milestones. There is nothing better than being a part of that!

Justin: I’ve been playing on worship teams since high school, and firmly believe that volunteering on a worship team is where I am called to utilize my musical gifts. My favorite part about Sundays is really my fellow team members. Society has always had really awesome folks on the worship team who are both incredibly joyful to be around and bring solid musicianship to the team, and that’s only become more true since the church marriage. 

Where are you from + how did you meet?

We are both from small rural towns outside of Modesto. Rachel from Waterford and Justin from Hughson. We met in high school while we were both on a youth volunteer council for our county. 

What do you love most about Sac?

We love the diversity of people and opportunities in Sacramento! Also, the food scene is awesome!

Do you have any pets?

We have a dog, Kirby. We are obsessed with him!