Names: Pamela and Jay Reid

Age: Older and Wiser

What do you love most about Society Church?
Pamela: The People-The Church!
Jay: Worshiping the Lord in a casual yet respectful atmosphere.

What is your favorite after church activity?
Pamela: Coming home and pondering the blessings I received from the morning of worshipping and serving with everyone, then relaxing with my hubby!
Jay: Good food.

What is your favorite place to eat in Sacramento?
Pamela: Hook-n-Ladder
Jay: Taco Bell; Mr Pickles; Applebees; I’m flexible.

What are three word that describe you:
Pamela: Loves God & People, Caring, Committed
Jay: Dedicated team player

Coffee or Tea:
Pamela: Tea
Jay: Coffee

Burger or Pizza:
Pamela: Love them both- it depends on the day-
Jay: Both