Describe your role on the Society Church Team: I’m the lady who leads the team handling all the modes of visual and digital communication!

Why do you serve in ministry at Society Church?
I’ve found my home here. I’m a big fan of the people in this church and the people of Sacramento. Society is a such a unique place that values creatives and creativity! It’s a gift to serve this community!

What is something you love most about Society Church?
If I had to name one thing it’s that there is an authenticity at Society that I deeply appreciate. You can feel safe to come as you are. There aren’t many churches that I have found have that level of approachability and honesty.

What’s your favorite after church activity? 
Hanging with friends, gardening, making something (drawing or painting) and taking an afternoon nap.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Sacramento?
I love so many Sacramento spots, but I’m currently obsessed with Curry Up Now.

What are 3 words that describe you?
Offbeat, imaginative, original

Need to contact Kelsey? Shoot her an email here: [email protected]