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Identity: Week 5

This week is Week 5 in our teaching series Identity, where together we are discovering a profoundly durable sense of self and worth in God.


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Community Group Leaders Guide

Section 1 – Ice Breaker:

Ask a fun or interesting question to help people to loosen up and share. It will be helpful if someone is new to go around and do names and have each person share about a question and share a bit about themselves. Stuck?? Here is a link with some ice breakers for you- CLICK HERE

Section 2 – Review Message Content from Sunday

This portion is for your reference, no need to go through as a group, unless its necessary. The hope is that people are coming on Sunday and/or listening to the podcast before they come to group. If you need to do a review feel free to do so, otherwise start with section 3 and work through the Learning Circle together.

Message Title: Identity – Week 5

Identity in its basic function is-

Main Points & Application Ideas from the Message:

Though we may not see it in the moment, God will use are circumstances for good.

Genesis 50:19-21

Romans 8:28

Our acceptance is not based on what others think of us or on what we think of ourselves, but from God.

Matthew 6:25-34

Romans 8:38-39

Solitude can help us let go of the need for acceptance from others and rest in the peace of God.

John 13:34-35

Section 3 – Work Through the Learning Circle:

Take time to work through the Learning Circle together through the questions listed below.

Link to Learning Circle Image: CLICK HERE


Work through the learning side of the learning circle together.


Work through the living side of the learning circle together

Section 4 – Prayer and/or Meditation:

Try one of these options, don’t be afraid to mix it up.

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