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One question that might come to your mind is: “why do we need a new location? I like our current location.”

Beatnik Studios has been a gracious host to Society Church over the past 3 years. We have reached a point at our temporary gathering space that limits our ability to serve our children, families, and community as a whole. Here is a short list of some benefits of us moving into 2711 B Street:

  • Children’s Ministry located in one safe and secure location (As of now, they are dispersed across 3 different locations)
  • Space to hold a weekly youth group during Sunday mornings & a monthly youth night for 7th-12th graders. (We currently don’t have any space for youth in our current configuration at Beatnik)
  • Patio area to hang out before and after service
  • Room for unrestricted growth for both adults and children
  • 50 car parking lot
  • Significantly decreasing our staff/volunteer effort on “setting up & tearing” down equipment. Freeing our team up to serve people, rather than equipment
  • Midweek gathering space for church-wide use
  • Increased presence and visibility within our community
  • Office space for staff