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2 Ways to Participate

  1. BE PRESENT, PRAYERFUL & INFORMED- Show up on Sundays, be prayerful and take the time to stay informed.
  2. PRACTICE CONSISTENT GENEROSITY- Vision cannot become a reality unless it’s funded. The easiest and most impactful way to help is to set up recurring giving online HERE

4 Steps Towards Consistent Generosity

  • Step 1- Move from giving nothing to something- One time or monthly gift
  • Step 2- Move from inconsistent to consistent giving- set up recurring giving online
  • Step 3- Begin Tithing- take a step towards biblical generosity (Malachi 3:7-10)
  • Step 4- Move from Tithing to Generosity- You can give directly here-> Creating Home Base

 Ways to Give

  • ACH Transfer, select this option on our online giving portal- (NO ONLINE PROCESSING FEES)
  • Make a pledge to give so we can continue to plan and prepare for the future here -> MAKE A PLEDGE
  • Set up recurring giving through your bank’s online payment option. (NO ONLINE PROCESSING FEES)
  • Give by mail through check. Mailing Address: Society Church, PO BOX 162137, Sac CA 95816.
  • Give online and set up recurring giving