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FAQ’S: Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a new location? I like our current location.

The first question I would imagine that comes to mind for you is, why do we need a new facility? Beatnik Studios has been a gracious host to Society Church for the past 4 years and we are so grateful to be able to gather in such an inspiring location! However gathering at Beatnik has its limitations as well. While the main gallery has more than sufficient space we lack the kids classrooms, midweek and office space necessary for growth and serving our community in some greater ways. Here is a short list of how a new facility could impact our faith community and ability to serve our city.

  • Children’s Ministry located in one safe and secure location (As of now, they are dispersed across 3 different locations)
  • Space to hold a weekly youth group during Sunday mornings & a monthly youth night for 7th-12th graders.
  • Patio area to hang out before and after service
  • Room for unrestricted growth for both adults and children
  • 50 car parking lot
  • Significantly decreasing our staff/volunteer effort on “setting up & tearing” down equipment. Freeing our team up to serve people, rather than equipment
  • Midweek gathering space for church-wide use
  • Increased presence and visibility within our community
  • Office space for staff

 Why should we pursue this now?

  • As the real estate market in Sacramento skyrockets. This may be the only chance we have over the next 3-5 years to get into a space.
  • We have an open door to a highly coveted location that is already set up very close for our current needs. The improvements needed for the use of this space should be minimal, because of its previous use as the B Street Theatre.
  • We have been offered a below market rate for a long-term lease at $1 a square foot.
  • We have a solid core group and finances to take this step.
  • Sacramento is preparing to be the home of so many new people. Population growth projections put Sacramento at one of the top cities for growth in the next 5 years. Those people need a place to connect, worship, explore faith and encounter the love of God!
  • God has prepared a place for us! HOME BASE is coming to pass and is exceeding all we have asked or imagined.

I don’t believe God cares about us having our own building. Why should I participate?

We believe that finding a more permanent home for Society Church is not about a building. It is about a spiritual journey that God is using to grow and stretch our faith as a church. Taking steps into seemingly impossible odds and circumstances is where we see God’s provision, strength, and power at work.

I don’t have much, I feel like I don’t matter in this process. What should I do?

The hope is to create a greater culture of faith and generosity at Society Church during this season. Amounts are not as important as the heart of faithfulness. The principle of multiplication of resources is not based on amounts, but on faithfulness. As we the church seek to be faithful with what we have both individually and communally God begins to multiply our faithfulness. Being faithful with the $1 inspires those to be faithful with the $10,000. Being faithful with your 1 hour to give, inspires those that have the 10 hours to give. Hear are some encouraging stories to read about faithfulness with little.

  • Elijah & the multiplication of the widows oil- 2 Kings 4
  • Multiplication of leadership, influence & impact- Exodus 4
  • Multiplication of loaves and fishes- Mark 6:30-44
  • Multiplication of resources because of faithfulness- Matthew 25:14-30
  • Jesus celebrating the poor Widows giving- Luke 21:1-4
  • Jesus clarifying this principle of multiplication- Luke 16:10, Luke 6:38
  • Paul’s teaching on this principle of multiplication- Galatians 6:7-10

How much will this cost?

We have not yet identified exactly how much this project will cost. As we have priced out some estimates of the work we want to do, we are hoping to keep it under $275,000.

I am just exploring faith, can I participate?

Absolutely, we encourage everyone to lean into this process. We believe we see God at work as we join him in what he is doing. The more you lean into and participate the more you will see him working in the church and your own life.

Story from scripture- John 2:1-11. Note v9 the servants were the only ones who saw the miracle.

What if I have more questions or concerns?

You can email questions or set up a meeting by reaching out to