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Community Groups

Community Groups

Fall Community Groups are meeting throughout the week.

Sign ups are open and it’s never too late to join!

There is a Group for almost every day of the week. All of our Groups will gather for 12-weeks and are hosted in a wide range of locations throughout Sacramento.

We want to see you grow in your faith and spiritual formation, and we also want to see you find your people and get connected. Community Groups is a perfect way to do that.

Take a moment to check out our Groups + sign up for one below!

Community Groups

What is a Community Group?

A Community Group is a group that gathers outside of a Sunday Morning to create space for community and spiritual formation. Our hope for everyone in our community is that they connect to one another and connect with God, deepening their faith in Jesus. Community Groups are the perfect way to do just that.

Click the button below and look through all the Groups. We are excited for you to participate in Groups this season!

Community Groups

Fall Community Groups are meeting now and go until the end of November.

If you have any questions regarding Community Groups, please email us at

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