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Community Groups

Community Groups

We believe that spiritual growth and formation happen best within the context of meaningful relationships.

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What is a Community Group?

A Community Group is a group that gathers outside of a Sunday Morning to create space for community and spiritual formation. Our hope for everyone in our community is that they connect to one another and connect with God, deepening their faith in Jesus. Community Groups are the perfect way to do just that.
Community Group sign-ups launch on Feb. 12th, and Groups begin gathering the week of Feb. 26th. 

Learn a bit more about this year’s Group Study:

Lent Community GroupsThrough this time of Lent, our church will be going through a 5-week course called The Lectio Course. Groups will gather each week to watch a video in the series and discuss + explore the ancient practice of Lectio Divina. We are eager to see what this study will unleash in our lives during this season!

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Community Group Sign-Ups open on Feb. 12th

Community Groups are an essential part of the culture here at Society Church.

If you’re interested in joining a group, check out our Group offerings below.

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If you have any questions regarding Community Groups, please email us at

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