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Daily Office

What is a Daily Office?

Daily Office is a specific time set aside to meet with God, to take up office time with the Lord. Its purpose is to connect us with the presence of God amidst the everyday-ness of life.

Jesus is often found with his disciples at the Temple, they are there teaching and to participate in the daily calls to prayer. The early apostles also often went to the Temple to pray during these hours:

  • Ancient Jewish Calls to Prayer- Morning, Afternoon and Evening call to prayer at the Temple
  • Ancient Christian Calls to Prayer- 8 times a day, starting at 2am going until 7pm. Begun in the 400’s as set times of prayer each having its own time, name and focus.

Ideas for developing a daily office today: morning, afternoon, evening

Develop a time of Daily Office:

There are 3 distinctive characteristics of a Daily Office:

  • Attention: Focus of the mind and heart upon God’s presence- This can be reading or listening to scripture, reading or listening to others thoughts and reflections on scripture. Set a specific time or times to turn your attention towards God. (Romans 12:1-2)
  • Communication: Intentional direct communication with God- A time of prayer that involves both listening and speaking to God. PRAY- pause, rejoice, ask, yield. (Philippians 4:4-9)
  • Integration: Discerning something to apply or carry with you back into your Inner, Outer or Others life. Is there any specific point of action this might be leading to in your day? (James 1:22-25)

Additional Resources for Daily Office:

Click the highlighted text to learn more about these resources for developing a daily office.

Recommended Podcast:

Contemplative at Home Podcast

(or you can find something similar that leads you through a form of Attention, Communication, Integration)

Recommended Daily Office Apps:

Lectio 365 App

Lectio For Families App

Both are Apps that have a Daily Office with Scripture, Guided prayer, and Lectio Divina for morning and evening.

Recommended Bible Reading Apps:

Recommended Daily Office Books:

Recommended Books on Prayer:

How to Pray, by Pete Greig

Prayer, by Richard Foster

The Art of Prayer, by Timothy Jones

The Interior Castle, by St Theresa of Avila

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