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Community Guide for October 2nd

Ice Breaker

Go around and share a highlight from your week.

Opening Prayer

After your group welcomes one another, open in prayer.

Let your group know what to expect during prayer time, something like: “As we start our group time, I will open with a word of prayer, there will be a minute or so of silent reflection, and then I will read the scripture from Sunday and then close in prayer, and we will enter into our discussion time.”

  •  Open with a brief word of prayer: “God, we thank you for this time together. We open our hearts to how you might want to meet with us. Allow us to hear your voice and experience your spirit at work. Come Holy Spirit.”
  • Sit before the Lord in silent prayerful reflection for 1-2 minutes
  • Read the scripture listed below aloud for the group to reflect on.
  • Close in a word of prayer: “God, thank you for your word, come holy spirit and allow us to understand what it means for our lives, lead us in our time of discussion together. In Christ’s name, amen.”

Scripture from Sunday

1 Samuel 16:1-23

Read this Overview Together

Last week we started a series going through a portion of 1 Samuel. This portion of scripture focuses mainly on 3 people Samuel, Saul and David. This book focuses on the beginning of the monarchy of Israel. Before this Israel was a theocracy with designated Judges and Priests to give guidance for the people along the way. The people of Israel wanted a king, against God’s advice, like the other nations. So they got a king, King Saul was the first king of Israel, last week we looked at his rise and fall as the anointed king of Israel.

This week we will start to look at the story of David.

Discussion Questions

Lets look at these 3 main points from the message and discuss together:

  1. Beware of our cultural obsession with appearances: “We must all choose a king to rule our hearts, our lives and our futures. Naturally, we choose Saul. But God gives us a Shepherd-King, a greater David. Being a Christian is not about having to live under Jesus’ rule. It is about getting to live under his humble reign; about the security and joy of knowing that we have the King we need, chosen by the Lord and given to us.” 
  • What do you think about this quote from Sunday?
  • What are some ways that we become obsessed with appearances?
  • What God is after is the attention and intention, the aim of our heart. A heart and mind fixed upon the presence of God now available to us all (not just chosen, appointed and anointed Kings) through Jesus our Christ.” What choices can we make to live more fully into this reality? 

2. Anointing of the Spirit for all of life (vs. 10-13) : “The Spirit seems to be pushing authority and leadership down to the lowest levels of society and promoting those that seem to want to partner with Him in that objective. Leadership, an appointment of delegated responsibility, beckons our best self. It calls to the deepest place of who we are and says, do the good that needs to be done. In this journey we meet our deepest insufficiency and have to face our greatest insecurities and the only way we can do that is with God’s Spirit and in God’s loving presence.”

  • What stands out for you in this statement from Sunday?
  • Read Ephesians 4:1-4 // Pastor Tim gave us some practical encouragements around how we can “live into an anointed Spirit led life” 1 ) Grow in discernment– What is God up to in any given situation and how can I join him in that? Becoming a people of God’s presence. 2) Consider our aim, telos, attention and intention. Are the eyes of our heart and mind fixed on Jesus? What we focus on is ultimately what creates our life. 3) Ask for the Holy Spirit to fill, guide, direct and influence our lives, families, relationships, minds, hearts and community regularly. Which one of these are you sensing an invitation to go and grow deeper in with God? 

3. In Jesus we are God’s appointed authority for deliverance : “Our presence abiding in Jesus by His Spirit can subdue evil: dwelling in (possession) or heaping torment upon others (spiritual oppression). But being delivered from evil possession or oppression can only happen through the authority, power and infilling of the Holy Spirit.”


  • Re-read vs. 14-23 // What stands out for you in this portion of scripture?
  • What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit?
  • As followers of Christ we are meant to experience “rivers of living water” and be carriers of that in all areas of our life. Take a moment to reflect on areas of your life that you are needing to invite God’s spirit into. Consider writing it down and being intentional this week about praying this simple prayer of invitation “Come Holy Spirit. Give me eyes to see you at work, ears to hear your voice and courage to respond.”

Practice in Prayer

Spend the remaining group time sharing prayer requests and praying for every person in the group. Linger over this time. Don’t feel in a hurry to get prayer over with.


Prayer practice for the week:

Consider rereading this portion of David’s story slowly (1 Samuel 16: 1-23). Start with a brief prayer asking for God’s spirit to meet with you as you read scripture. Then be aware of what might stand out from the passage. Is there something new God might be wanting to speak to you through His word or solidify more deeply that has already begun to stir within you.

Take it to God in prayer.

Message from Sunday

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